Constant Upgradation “To Create, One Must Question Everything.” – Eileen Gray. 

PINNACLE Engineering Enterprise has a team of Engineers lead by experienced Engineer leaders constantly guiding them to work on improving the design which is focused on Improving the quality, Ergonomic design, easy operating & least maintenance of the machine.

The company has changed its basic design completely 2 times from 1986 till 2016 thus providing better quality machines every time by constantly decreasing maintenance cost each time & is currently supplying the 3rd Generation PINNACLE - make High Precision Surface grinding machines to its valued customers.

The latest Surface grinding machines are manufactured by the latest European concept of surface grinding machines design i.e. Column moving design. The company has constantly upgraded & improved its design to help customers reach the PINNACLE quality offered by its machines.


Naturally Seasoned castings. “When The Root is Deep, There is no Reason to Fear The Wind.” – Unknown.  

PINNACLE Engineering Enterprise believes in keeping it’s foundation strong. The company maintains a strong policy & system of converting only the naturally seasoned castings into the finished products. The company maintains the stock of enough machine castings for natural seasoning for at least next 1 year.

The process of natural seasoning is very well-known & most common practice practiced by the global machine tools manufacturers. The process helps in relieving stress-strain of the machine castings naturally thus not causing any deformation in the long run which maintains the accuracy of the machine and improves the life of the machine.

In case of customised CNC Profile, Creep feed & Spline grinding machines, the company offers artificial seasoning.


In House Manufacturing.  

The quality of PINNACLE - make High precision surface grinding machines very much depends on its one of the most promising factor i.e. very well established In-house manufacturing facilities & processes.

In-house manufacturing not only helps the company to maintain the quality of all the spare parts & the machine but also helps in maintaining the exact inventory required for its machines. It provides flexibility to the company to change its design immediately for constant upgradation with quick customization in the processes involved.

The company manufactures its own Precision spindles-cartridges, Hydraulic Power packs & Precision Lead screw-Nut. It also has its own Pattern shop and Machine shop.


Interchagability of parts. 

The company is well equipped with Precision Jigs-Fixtures & a perfectly well defined process for the manufacturing of each and every spare part of the machines.

The spare parts of the machines are manufactured on CNC Turning centers, CNC machining centers, Slide way Grinding machines & High Precision Cylindrical grinding machines with simultaneous intense use of Jigs & Fixtures.

The use of the latest technology & precision machines helps the company maintain its spare parts in very close tolerances thus helping its customers the ease of interchanging the parts as and when required.

About Us

PINNACLE Engineering Enterprise is a Leading Manufacturer of High Precision Surface Grinding machines. Having its roots in the year 1986, today the company has an Experience of over 3 decades. 1500+ Installations of High Quality Surface Grinding machines stand testimony of the strong Foothold in the Machine tool Industry.

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